Yes, My Soul, Find Rest In God

Written by: The Mindful Worship Team       Recorded by: Justin Dalton

Yes, My Soul, Find Rest In God

Life can be so difficult when we trust in the wrong things. Any time we trust in anything or anyone to fulfill us, strengthen us, or complete us we are in for terrible disappointment. David understood that only God can be our everything.

In Psalm 62 David refers to God as his "rock". As I studied this I came to understand the enormity of what David is trying to convey with those four little words, "He is my rock". This word translated "rock" is not a pebble or stone or even slab. When David says rock, he means ROCK. The same as when someone says, "I'm going rock climbing." I couldn't help but picture the rock of Gibraltar, a shear cliff of solid rock rising 1400 feet into the air.

David knew God was his ROCK, because he had been through times when God was all he had to hold onto. The truth is that when God is all you have... you come to realize, God is all you need.

Scriptures: Psalm 62

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  1. Janine Gibson
    October 8th, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Wow – This meditation was just what I needed this morning. I marvel at God’s mastercraftsmanship; that He works through Ricky Spears and the other people on the Mindful Worship team to craft meditations that speak to my soul at the very time I need to hear them. Truly God is my ROCK – my firm foundation when circumstances are shifting and shaking around me. Thank you Mindful Worship for your faithful work and service.

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