What’s New – September 9, 2014

What’s New – September 9, 2014

We have been hard at work...
Screenshot of mobile/tablet friendly site.

  • Redesigning www.mindfulworship.com
    When complete, the new Mindful Worship website (screenshot pictured here) will be a responsive, mobile friendly platform that will make staying mindful at home and on-the-go much easier.
  • Working on New Meditation Series
    We will be releasing meditations from a number of new series over the next year. Including:
  • One Word
    Based on the Book My One Word.
    "Peace" was the first in this series.
  • Great Hymns
    Look for "Amazing Grace" coming soon.
  • Who Am I?

    Meditations on our identity (in Christ)

  • Mindful Worship For Kids
    We hope by the end of the year to release the first meditations specifically for kids.

If you have any suggestions to improve Mindful Worship, we would love to here from you!  Contact us today.

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