It Is Finished

Written by: Steve Dalton and Ricky Spears       Recorded by: Ricky Spears

It Is Finished

Do you ever think about what really happened on the cross so long ago?  Have you ever thought about why Jesus died?  If not, you probably should.  The answers are revealed in the final words Jesus spoke while on the cross.

In this meditation,  we will  be transported back in time 2,000 years to Golgotha to hear the final words of Jesus on the cross.  Then we will contemplate what those words mean for us today.


Steve's Commentary:
When Jesus said, "It is finished".  He was not making a simple statement of fact.  He was revealing a powerful truth that impacts many areas of our life as believers.  I have been powerfully moved by visual depictions of the crucifixion such as The Passion of the Christ and Son of God.  I think it is important to remember the brutality of that moment.  This meditation however serves a different purpose and is not brutal or graphic.  This meditation is focused on the meaning of the event and the meaning of the words of Christ on that dark, horrible, wonderful day.  A day when God closed the book on the old covenant and opened the new.  As He did this, He declared with His dying breath, "It is finished".

Scriptures: John 19:30, Romans 8:1, Luke 23:46

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  1. Marith Adams
    March 25th, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

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