He Has Risen

Written by: Steve Dalton       Recorded by: Ricky Spears

He Has Risen

He is alive!!  Jesus died for your sins, but He didn't stay dead.  The truth that Jesus rose from the dead and is still alive today at the right hand of God, the Father changes everything.

In this meditation we will meditate on the resurrection of Christ by going back to the moment when the stone rolled away from the tomb and the angel proclaimed, "He has risen!"  Then we will contemplate the truth of John 11:25-26 in light of Easter.

Steve's Commentary:

Besides the Bible there were 2 things that inspired this meditation.  I love history.  I love going back in my mind and imagining what it looked like and felt like to "be" there.  Two songs in particular take me to the moment of the resurrection.  Redeemer, by Nicole C. Mullen gives me chills.  It wouldn't be Easter if I didn't crank up the stereo and blast that beautiful song to the heavens.  The other song I first heard sung by a couple of friends.  William Dixon and Barry Weeks had a group called Holywind and I when they did this song I fought back tears.  Last year I heard Newsong (the original artists) perform it and I being older and wiser didn't fight the tears.  Arise My Love
takes the listener back to the tomb to the very moment when God the Father called out to His dead Son and said, "Arise My Love".  Sin, death, and hell were defeated.

The other inspiration was the moment in the movie Son of God
when Peter comes out of the empty tomb.  John says, "But, He's gone."  Then Peter says, "No, He's back!".  Jesus isn't gone.  He didn't rise from the dead and leave us.  He is still, l 2000 later, as active and alive as that wonderful Sunday morning when he appeared to His disciples and changed the course of history.

Scriptures: Luke 24:4-6, Matthew 28:8, John 11:25-26

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  1. wendyblocke
    April 5th, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    I am very disappointed that I cannot access the meditaion. The message says I have to be a premium member, but it is 7:30 pm Easter evening. We spent the day with an elderly neighbor as she passed away and I had looked forward to the encouragement of meditating on our resurrected Savior.
    I find that I often have difficulty accessing the “plus” meditations.

  2. Steve Dalton
    April 5th, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    I am so sorry about this. When this was posted a box didn’t get checked. I wish I had been made aware of this earlier. It is corrected now, and you can access it for the next 8+ hours.


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