FREE! Christian Guided Meditations to Help You Slow Down and Savor God’s Word

How easy is it for you to block out the rest of the world and share quality intimate time with God meditating on His word? If you're like most people, it's a huge challenge. Mindful Worship is here to help!


Try the meditations marked FREE Mindful Worship meditations below.You can listen online now, or download them to listen to later--you can even transfer them to your iPod or other MP3 player or burn them to CD if you want. If you enjoy these free meditations, you will want to either register as a FREE+ member to access all the meditations on this page or become a member of the Mindful Worship Premium Edition. It's only $10 for three months. When you join, you will have access to my complete archive of Christian meditations as well as instant access to all new meditations I publish while you remain a member.

Get started: Find some place where you won't be disturbed for a while. This may mean going to a park, laying down for a nap, or just closing your office door. And don't forget to turn off your cell phone, or anything else that others may use to interrupt your time with God. Then put on your headphones and play one of my FREE Christian Guided meditations below.

What can I expect? At the beginning, you will be walked through a brief exercise of stilling your body and quieting your mind. Most guided meditations have this kind of relaxation as the goal, however I feel this is just the beginning--it puts you in a better frame of mind for fellowship with God. This will be followed by prayers (some you will pray on your own, and some for you to silently join), slow readings of Biblical passages (so you have time to contemplate the meaning of the passage and its application to your life), explanations and background information on the passages (so you learn and have necessary information without having to stop and look it up yourself), and challenging questions and mental activities (to help you discover how God wants you to apply the scriptures to your life).