About Mindful Worship

The MindfulWorship.com web site was started in September of 2007 by Ricky Spears. Throughout his walk with Christ over the years, Ricky had realized that the times he felt he most deeply connected with God were in those times of quiet mindful meditation on God’s word, or in quiet mindful prayer and contemplation.

While listening to worship songs, he found himself wanting to really spend significant amounts of time just contemplating what seemed to other to be a simple phrase. When reading God’s word, he repeated scriptures in his mind over and over, seeking to get as much meaning out of each of them as possible. When he encountered stories and word pictures in the Bible, he would imagine himself in that setting, or imagine the Jesus himself was standing next to him helping him study.

He presented a lesson to his Sunday School class on Biblical Meditation. The Bible is clear that Christians are called to meditate on God’s word, but it is totally unclear on what techniques should be used, just as it is clear that we should praise God in song, but it is unclear on what musical techniques we should use to do it. Ricky walked his class through an example of how he might meditate on a particular scripture–a Christian Guided Meditation, you might call it. The class loved the exercise and several asked if he would record it for them to use again. He did record it, but before he gave it to them, he gave a copy to his pastor, Michael Bowers.  Because meditation is also a major component of the New Age movement, and of many Eastern religions, Ricky wanted to make sure that he was doing the right thing. Michael was preparing a message on Taking Time to Enjoy Our Relationship with Christ and finding God in the quiet–being still so that we can hear from Him. After listening to it, Michael told him that it was scripturally sound and encouraged Ricky to produce more of them.

After much thought and prayer, Ricky decided that the best way to present these Guided Christian Meditations was through a web site where he could post them as he wrote and recorded them, but also where he could post other information about scriptural meditation.


Father, we lift up before you the people that will be reading this web site, and listening to the meditations that are posted here. We ask that you would use each word to draw the lost to you, that they might be found. We ask that those same words would draw your children into a closer and deeper relationship to you. Our worship isn’t one way where you listen to us pray and sing. Our worship is two ways–you speak to us as we interact in a living relationship with You. We thank you for providing a way that we can have that personal relationship with you. In Jesus name, Amen.