Mindful Worship Meditation #3 – When I Consider Your Heavens

StarsIt’s hard to believe that three months have passed since I posted the last Mindful Worship Christian guided meditation. I sincerely apologize to everyone. For a short part of that time, I was on a Missions trip to Zimbabwe. For the rest of the time, I was doing a lot of travel for work, and generally had a lot of other stuff going on my life that was more important at the time than recording meditations. I believe I’m back on track now to record and publish more frequently.

I also wasn’t content with the quality of the first two meditations I recorded. About a month ago I purchased some new equipment and I believe that you’ll find this meditation to be much higher quality. It still isn’t quite as professional as I would like, but it’s much better. If you have any information to pass on about how to improve them, please feel free to contact me.

I have wanted to record this particular meditation ever since I began this project. As a former amateur astronomer, this meditation builds on the countless hours that I have spent gazing into the night sky and fellowshipping with my wonderful and loving Creator. I believe that you will greatly enjoy it and listen to it over and over.(Photo by by Scott Cresswell . Original on flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License)

Scriptures in this meditation: Psalm 19:1, Genesis 1:1, Psalm 8:3-4
Time: 16:00
File Size: 14.6 mb
Link to MP3: Meditation #3 – When I Consider Your Heavens
Background music: Within this Space by DAC Crowell (used by permission)

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4 Responses to “Mindful Worship Meditation #3 – When I Consider Your Heavens”

  1. Sarah Tupciauskas Says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. In our religion class we were each assigned to find a religious meditation and I really loved this one. I will definately be coming back to this website to listen to more. Thank you so much for creating these they are wonderful.


  2. Thank you for these beautiful meditations.

  3. Mariann – It’s my pleasure. Thank YOU for listening!

  4. So glad I clicked on your picture over at Facebook. Will be promoting some of your products on my site. Am always looking for good Christian stuff!

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